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Staying ahead of the competition

Refrigerative Supply recognized the need for enhancement of its eCommerce solution. They were looking to elevate business maturity through the adoption of an eCommerce system, making it available across their entire customer base. It was recommended that quantitative and measurable key performance indicators be identified to reflect the business goals outlined above. Taiga lead this activity during Success Planning in collaboration with the project lead and steering committee.

The result was to established and execute the eCommerce enhancement vision for Refrigerative Supply Limited. Taiga was heavily involved in the prioritization, deployment, and adoption the eCommerce system for the business.

How did we help?
  • Business analysis
  • Business data insights
  • Established measurable KPIs
  • Developed business and technology requirements
  • Vendor Selection
  • eCommerce implementation
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I have had the privilege to work with Taiga Connect on several projects and have been very pleased with the results. Their ability to manage complex and time sensitive projects is very impressive. Taiga brings strong leadership and ensures that the team is aligned and focused on the right objectives. They delivered our projects in a manner that exceeded expectations.

Ray Newstead, Former CEO at Refrigerative Supply

RSL recognized their competition was starting to advance and they needed to be proactive in order to stay ahead. To minimize the impact of change on the organization we clearly identified the benefits of implementing an eCommerce system, and defined measurable KPIs; allowing us to establish a strategic path forward. 

Key Results

Taiga supported RSL with project management, business analysis, project requirement documentation, process redesign, technology selection, and technology deployment


Secured over $22K
in Vendor Savings


Delivered on time
and on budget
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